Financial institutions are required to have experienced AML/compliance officers. Especially startups need to employ expensive compliance staff. With ScaleCompliance startups will be able to hire these compliance experts with a fraction of the costs on a part-time basis. This package is for any type of financial institution that needs an AML Officer based in Switzerland or Dubai.

Crypto Compliance

Compliance Support for banks & Fintech licensed institutions as well as for crypto companies. ScaleCompliance can prepare any type of recommendations in connection with onboarding clients and make the process smooth. Decisions will however be made by the institutions themselves.

Escrow Services

ScaleCompliance offers a trusted escrow agent service by accepting, transferring and holding assets in fiat and/or crypto assets on Swiss bank accounts.

With ScaleCompliance startups are able to outsource the activity as a financial intermediary to a trusted professional.


*only offered in Switzerland


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Regulated Financial Intermediary Supervised by

Add-on Packages
  • 1
    Wallet Screening

    Screening of a wallet address (such as BTC, ETH addresses).

  • 2
    All-round KYC Report

    Wallet and transaction screening, negative media search as well as background search of client (sanction lists, PEP). Findings will be written down into a solid report including a recommendation.

  • 3
    Ad-Hoc Compliance Services

    Services such as compliance trainings, specific compliance support and provision of AML policy.


ScaleCompliance is a highly experienced crypto compliance company. Based in Switzerland and Dubai we are uniquely suited to build processes that are easy to understand and fully compliant with the regulatory compliance framework.

ScaleCompliance is your partner for tailor-made crypto compliance solutions and is globally offering a KYC / AML platform that delivers fast and accurate verifications.

Check-in with ScaleCompliance is simple, fast and compliant. As experts in the financial industry, we understand the complexities and difficulties of the crypto space.

Born in the Crypto Valley of Switzerland, we rolled out our services to the UAE. ScaleCompliance is one of the first and only company specialized in crypto compliance and your experts in this field.

Our services are built for the financial industry with global user bases which are complemented with human capital to deliver results and everything a compliance department needs to succeed.